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In the South China Sea region coastal geography, geology, ecology, population and economic development vary significantly. While the best tsunami hazard mitigation programs need to be developed and implemented locally so that local environment and culture are considered, potential tsunamis are generated by same sources and propagate through the same South China Sea and therefore, an early warning system would be best developed regionally and collaboratively.

To understand the fundamental processes for tsunami, one needs to address the generation mechanisms, the propagation characteristics and, finally their coastal effects. Therefore, strong interactions and collaborations among coastal physical oceanographers, geophysicists, and engineers are necessary. The objective of the workshop is to create such a forum.

The specific objectives of the workshop include:

  • To review the on-going tsunami early warning program for Indian Ocean region.
  • To review the on-going tsunami research in the South China Sea region.
  • To discuss the future research and implementation plans for tsunami early warning system and coastal hazard mitigation programs in the South China Sea region.

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